Equity Needs

While we don’t offer our own in-house equity or

raise equity from investors, our knowledge of

potential investors from the national and local

markets allows us to introduce clients so they are

able to structure an agreement that suits both the

property and the investors.  Once the contracts are

signed and agreed to, our clients know they have a

deal they can be comfortable with for the entire term

of the commitment.


The Process

      1.) Evaluate and Understand Sponsor Request

      2.) Communicate & Explore the Strategy with Potential Investors

      3.) Evaluate Available Capital Sources

      4.) Perform Due Diligence

      5.) Execute Term Sheet


















Please note that any equity partners or equity transactions are not part of Lend USA®.  Lend USA® makes no guarantees or assurances of any kind, and bears no responsibility for the success of any equity relationship. All equity decisons are yours alone, and are not part of Lend USA®.