Multifamily or Assisted Living Purchase,

Refinance and Cash-Out Loans



Ideal for Long-Term, Fixed-Rate Financing for Your Refi,

Acquisition & Renovation Needs


We offer a 35-year, non-recourse, fixed-rate multifamily or

assisted living financing with Lower Equity Requirements.



Program Benefits

  • Long Term Fixed Rate – up to 35-years fixed interest rate.


  • Non-Recourse – means no personal guarantees*.


  • Lower Equity Requirements –

             M U L T I F A M I L Y   Equity Requirements begin at 15% for

             market-rate properties, and decrease to 13% for affordable

             properties and 10% for projects with a 90% or greater rental

             assistance. All Cash-out transactions have a 20% equity requirement.


             A S S I S T E D   L I V I N G  Equity Requirements  for  purchases  typically 

             begin  at  20%  for  market-rate properties, and decrease to 15% for

             non-profits. Cash Out Loans are arranged separately. Call for details.


  • Assumable Loan – This is a fully assumable loan (subject to approval.)


  • Maximum Loan Amount: None



Eligible Projects

  • Market Rate Properties, Affordable and Rental Assistance Properties
  • Existing Multifamily Properties at Least Three Years Old


*With standard exceptions for fraud and misrepresentation


Note: Each loan package is case by case. Not all applicants will qualify. There is no guarantee of approval. Terms and conditions apply. Please call for details.